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Makita Demolition Hammer (Electric)

Merchant : Vinod Patel
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The Demolition Hammer (Electric) from Makita with model number HM1812 is a must buy among power demolition tools. For increased convenience, it has an on/off lever on its side handle. It offers best-in-class 6.5m/s² demolition power with the presence of AVT, or anti-vibration technology. Given its highly powerful motor of 2000W, this demolition hammer is able to deliver a class-leading performance at 72.8j. It also has soft start with no load, which ensures reduced vibration and much better control. Its auto idle feature engages motor on contact with the material. The counter weight mechanism and vibration absorbing housing of this demolition hammer helps to reduce vibration. Moreover, the suppression of motor speed during no-load further lowers vibration of the tool body when idling. It also comes with soft grip, which not only provides more control, but also causes less hand fatigue. The newly developed dust extraction attachment is also available.
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