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Panasonic 7.5kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

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The Panasonic 7.5KG Top loading washing machine is here to tackle all your laundry needs. It’s easy to use Superior Wash Performance and modern technology means it’s a stand out in laundry appliances.

Water Efficiency
Rating : 3 ticks
Water Consumption : 8.60 litres/kg
PUB Registration No. : WM-2015/017387

Washing Machine NA-F75S7HRQ
Superior Wash Performance
with Exceptional Ease of Use
7.5KG Top Load Washer - ECO AQUABEAT
Eco Aquabeat
Powerful washing with triple motion water flow.
Aqua Spin Rinse
Powerful shower of rinse water minimizes water usage during rinse cycle.
Capacity 7.5kg
Fully automatic top-loading washing machine.
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Excellent Washing Performancewith Dancing Water Flow
Thoroughly agitates clothes to evenly rub them clean with just a little water.
Thanks to unique control, quick reverse rotation of the pulsator is poss...
Eco-Friendly Water andEnergy Save Courses
Water Save Course
In response to demand for more water saving, Panasonic
offers the Water Save Course. With Aqua Spin Rinse,
instead of rinsing with wa...
Easy-to-Use Control Panel
The control panel is easy to read, use, and understand.
It is designed so that anyone can operate the washing
machine easily from day one.
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