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USTRAA Beard Softener 100g

Merchant : PharmacyFiji
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Ingredients list in Beard Softener Woody - 100g High quality world class ingredients. No Sulphates & Parabens. No Side-Effects. Bees Wax Is derived from the abandoned honey combs of honey bees and is considered a natural emulsifier and thickener. It is also anti-inflammatory. Mango Seed Butter Considered nature’s best gift for the skin, Mango Seed Butter helps protect skin from sun burns, tightens skin pores and has anti-wrinkle & anti-septic effects. Castor Oil Promotes healthy hair growth, makes hair richer and denser, treats dandruff, is anti-fungal and makes the hair shiny. Argan Oil Contains anti-oxidants and promotes healthy growth, acts as a moisturizer for the face which often gets neglected due to the beard growth. Visit www.pharmacyfiji.com for more...
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