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Camp Lantern SX-5800T - Rechargeable

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Camp Lantern SX-5800T - Rechargeable Providing 2 light sources: either as a lantern or as handheld torch. Suitable as emergency light or for outdoor camping, adventure, fishing, car maintenance, and other daily lighting uses. Headlight features: ★ Lithium-Ion 1800mAh battery rechargeable up to 300 times & more (note: battery need to be recharged before it is 100% used up in order to preserve maximum battery longevity) ★ Small solar panel at top for charging ★ Long life LED; 10000 hours lifespan ★ 6 x LEDs(lantern) + 1W Bulb (torch) ★ Brightness: 140 lumens at ★ Continuous 12 hour ★ White light 6000K ★ Power Input: 1) chargeable via DC power source (electrical cable provided) or 2) Solar panel on lantern top ★ USB Output: can be used as power source to charge mobine phones (USB cable not included) ★ Materials: ABS plastic body and polycarbonate light hood ★ Handles: 2 ways either top or side ★ Weight: 300g
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