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Bambillo Pillow

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A Great Night's Sleep For Everyone! Replace your old lumpy pillows and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. This unique pillow uses the finest quality of shredded memory foam to provide comfort and support for a perfect night’s sleep. Only Bambillo offers unique cradle support and pressure reducing filling. Benefits: Helps support your neck in its natural alignment - moulds perfectly to neck and shoulders Eases airflow and blood-flow - no more snoring! Releases nerve pressure Breathable, soft and cool to sleep on Key Features: BUY 1 GET 1 FREE 8 pillows in 1 - adjusts and supports every shape, size and sleeping posture, perfectly Adjustable pressure-reducing memory foam filling to ease vital pressure points on your body Suitable for back sleepers, side sleepers, foetal position or pillow hugger. Your Bambillo® pillow is unique for you Anti-static, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic
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