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Charcoal Express Kool Grill

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The Incredible Lightweight & Portable Barbeque - Go Anywhere.No Gas Bottles Needed.whether you're at the beach, on a boat, in the park, camping or simply at home. Kool Grill is the healthy, fast and easy way to cook delicious barbeque meals.Compact Instant Heat Charcoal Gauge that creates a micro furnace for quick charcoal readiness. At the same time it circulates cold air between the inner and outer bowls so the outside always stays cool to the touch.Each Kool Grill Pack Includes: • A Charcoal Express Kool Grill • A Stainless Steel Dome Lid • Dome Lid Detachable Handle • Temperature Gauge • Carry Bag • Free! - BBQ Secrets Hardcover Book (Valued at nearly $50.00)
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