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Powerfit Compact Gym

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PowerFit Helps Ease Fatigue Due to Everyday Weariness.Improve Energy & Stamina Levels.Accelerated Recovery and Continuous Muscle Contraction. You will Recover faster due to improved circulation which is caused by stimulating muscle fibre contractions up to 50 times per second. • Perfect For All Ages & Fitness Levels: To customize your own workout • In-Built Computer & Remote: Track your progress and adjust your workout in an instant • Burn Fat Faster: Lose weight and get in shape without strenuous high-impact workouts • Total Body Workout: Tone and strengthen your arms, abs, waist, butt and legs • 99 Different Speed Levels: Simply set to your required program and speed, and go! • Resistance Bands: To incorporate into your workout for total upper body training • Olympic Performance: Athletes utilize the amazing power of Vibration technology to improve their performance • Space Age Technology: Vibration technology was developed for Russian astronauts to rebuild muscle and bone strength.
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