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Uniden GDCH01ML 2MP Analogue motorized Lens Dome camera to suit GCVR series

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Uniden 2MP Dome Camera with motorised zoom lens ideal as add on or replacement for the GCVR series. UNI-GDCH01ML This motorised lens dome camera makes a great add on to improve an existing Uniden GCVR system. The motorised lens gives you the ability to adjust the lens from wide angel to a tighter zoomed angle to get exactly what you need from each camera and not just make do with a fix angle of view. The increased zoom will allow you to point the cameras down a driveway and zoom right in to clearly see the entrance or mount the camera looking across your entire yard and zoom out to get a really wide angle of view so that you can see exactly whats going on across the whole yard. The full metal case means that it is vandal resistant and can be used in areas such and front doors where someone might look to disable the camera before attempting a break in. This is compatible with both the GCVR8H40 and the GCVR8H80 kits from Uniden.
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