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Sabco Bulldozer Coweb Broom with Telescopic Handle

FJ $35.00
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Blister pack for easy storage, The Sabco Eraser Pad is 50%, stronger than regular eraser pads, Activate with just water Lifts the toughest marks. Clean those heavy-duty messes with the water-activated micro-scrubbers that reach into surface grooves, lifting away the toughest soils. Suitable for BBQ grills, car rims, outdoor furniture, playgrounds, wall scruff marks, shoes, bathroom scum and more. Bring new life to dirty surfaces! 7 Things You Should Never Do With a Magic Eraser: Don't use them dry...Don't use them to polish your car (or any delicately painted surface)...Don't use them without gloves....Don't use them to clean delicate countertops....Don't use them to wipe down nonstick pots and pans....Don't try to brighten stainless steel.
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