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Axe brand lemon flavor skin care dishwashing detergent

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AXE brand story AXE was founded in 1969, and after more than 50 years of hard work, the product range has become more and more complete, and the quality has been continuously improved, winning such awards as Hong Kong Q Quality Products and Hong Kong Top Brand. Today, AXE has become a household name and a popular household cleaning brand in Hong Kong and South China. " CLEAN WELL, LIVE WELL" Axe brand lemon flavor skin care dishwashing detergent, excellent cleaning power to clean dishes, you can even clean vegetables and fruits 2 stories to share from the customers: 1) one single lady didn't finish 1 bottle in 1 & half a year during 2020 - 2021, she always cook at home. 2) one lady sometimes washes her face with AXE dishwashing detergent with her eyes open, there was no irritation. it's a must-try product and you'll never regret. 1KG/bottle best before: 22/02/2026
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