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Japan Mikasa Pharmaceuticals Anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment

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Product Description Japan Mikasa Pharmaceuticals Anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment 30mg 40g Best before: April 2025 Reduces swelling and pain associated with inflammation. For the treatment of osteoarthritis, subfascial low back pain, frozen shoulder, tendon/tendonitis, peritonitis, supraspinatus conitis (tennis elbow, etc.), muscle pain, post-traumatic swelling/pain. It contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic ingredients, Felbinac up to 30Mg (only 10Mg of Felbinac in general), which can quickly relieve pain and anti-inflammation, penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue of the affected area, promote blood circulation, effectively eliminate fatigue, and improve rheumatic muscle pain. Eliminates soreness and pain caused by exercise and work fatigue and relieves joint pain. For acute frozen shoulder, rheumatism, muscle aches and pains, sprains, tennis players, etc. Suitable for general muscle and joint problems, for the elderly and sports enthusiasts Directions / Dosage Usually, apply an appropriate amount to the affected area once or several times a day and rub in. Make sure to follow the instructions for use. Rotate the bottom of the container to remove a 4~5mm stick of cream and apply directly to the affected area. Depending on symptoms, apply directly to the affected area several times a day. Use in combination with creams for better results. Not suitable for the following people: If you have had any allergic reactions (itching, rash, etc.) to any medication. If you have aspirin asthma or a history of it, or bronchial asthma. You are using other medications during pregnancy or breastfeeding (use caution with other non-prescription medications and foods because they may enhance or diminish each other's effects). Storage It is highly volatile, so make sure you cover it properly after use. Keep this product out of the reach of infants and children and away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, fire and moisture. Caution ⚠️ Do not use on wounds, eyes or eczema areas. Do not use impermeable materials (e.g., wraps) to cover the affected area with the medication. If you accidentally use too much, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Do not use it indiscriminately without medical advice. The most common adverse reactions include itching, dermatitis, redness, contact dermatitis (rash), irritation, and blistering. If you notice any of these symptoms, consult your doctor or pharmacist. In this case, discontinue use and seek immediate medical attention. Urticaria, angioedema, dyspnea [shock, allergic reaction]
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