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Sapore D'amore 24cm aluminum die-casting non-stick Pot

Merchant : Grand View Fiji
FJ $140.00
Shipping : FJ $3.00
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Sapore d'amore must-buy 8 reasons! 1. Italy's great original cookware shape creativity, breaking the traditional concept and thinking of pots and pans. 2. breakthrough vertical design, easy to store and place. Compared with traditional pots and pans Compared with traditional pots and pans, it greatly saves kitchen storage space. 3. high-strength visualization tempered glass lid, always grasp the cooking process process. 4. silicone molding process lid, stronger sealing; lid has a micro-pressure effect, steam circulation, to ensure that nutrition is not lost; in the stew to maintain heat and moisture, so that the food quickly cooked and restore the dish should be fragrant. 5. food-grade non-stick coating and cookware special aluminum base material, through the United States FDA and Germany LFGB and other food-grade certification, less grease and smoke, health and energy saving, safe and environmentally friendly. 6. imitation wood grain retro anti-scald gum wood handle, effective heat insulation, excellent touch. 7. the pot is light, women can hold the pot wtih a single hand. 8. poly-energy compound bottom, rapid and uniform heat conduction. Fine to use on electric stove, gas stove, induction cooker, electric ceramic oven, halogen stove.
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