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Day by Day

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Follow the daily life in a Fiji village in Day by Day with everyone from the babies to the elders not forgetting the all-important animals. Authentically Fijian, the illustrator went to great pains to get the details right. The sights and sounds should be very familiar to many young readers. The story is a true reflection of Fijian culture.

This and other books are written to fill the gap for Early Childhood Education where presently there are no texts. In Fiji children don’t formerly learn to read until Grade 1 until sight word books came about, that is. Sight words are revolutionary! There is no need for phonetics; no need for pictures. Simply ‘look and say’. It’s that simple. Your child will be reading in no time. All sight words in the text are in green with a list of 100 at the back of the book. On average the text in the story contains 72 percent of sight words-at least more than half the words on a page.

Suitable for children 3 -6 years.

Books are available via E-copy and Hard copies! Contact for more information @ juliesutherland@optusnet.com.au / 9771114.

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