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Sight Words Fast-track reading for pre-schoolers

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Sight Words. Fast-track reading for pre-schoolers: A guide for parents and early childhood educators.

Parents can support their children to learn sight words as well as read along with them. Sight words have got to be the easiest thing in the world to learn. The Guide is suitable, too, for kindergarten teachers and in fact anyone who is an early childhood educator: home schooling parents and lecturers and trainee kindergarten student teachers in tertiary institutions around the country.

The Guide uses simple language to explain sight words and why they are so easy yet effective for teaching reading to young readers. It offers practical activities and exercises suitable for any kindergarten in the country as sight words do not demand expensive and hi-tech resources; in fact, instead, there is emphasis on using recycled materials. This Guide will help you fast track reading for kindergarten age and younger. Why? The answer is simple: they can.

Books are available via E-copy and Hard copies! Contact for more information @ juliesutherland@optusnet.com.au / 9771114.


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