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Kay Services - Return Policy

Cancellation and Changes by You

a) You may cancel your holiday at any time provided you notify the Company in writing. The following charges will be levied on any cancellation:
•     Full refund within 5 days after the booking is confirmed.
b) After the itinerary is confirmed, the client is permitted free of administration charges one set of amendments, though will be liable for any added cost this may add to the tour, including airline charges, hotels etc. Any further, which are instigated by the client, will incur a charge of 10% of the amount paid due to communication and administration expenses that may have been incurred.
In case of bad weather like a cyclone or any natural disaster (like in 2016 due to cyclone Winston), we will refund in full as per our terms and conditions.
We are obligated by the FCCC (Fiji Competition Consumer Commission Act 2016) to fully refund in case the cruise ship cannot make it to the chosen port.
For cancellation, please send your request to peter.kaniki@kayservices.org.