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Wireless microphone for android

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Wireless Microphone for Android/Laptop, Mini Microphone, Microphone for Type-C Phone, Wireless Microphones, Wireless Lavalier Microphone, Microphone for Video Recording, YouTube, Vlog


About this item:


Omnidirectional Sound & Noise Cancellation: This upgraded wireless lavalier microphone set built-in noise reduction chip, real-time auto-sync technology, and 2.4G signal transmission with super low latency(0.009s), the sound picking-up follows the picture in real-time. Lapel microphone wireless can easily cope with various noisy environments and truly restore human voices, get crystal clear audio(Attention: Does not apply to the new iphone 15!!!)

Smart Wireless System: Bluetooth microphone wireless, 65 feet stable audio signal transmission without cable. The wireless microphone is completely free from the shackles of wire, allowing you to complete motion shooting, mobile phone recording, and short video production in various large scenes. Clip microphone, wireless lavalier microphone you can just clip the microphone on your shirt to free your hand and recording at a remote distance(Attention: Does not apply to the new iphone 15!!!).

Application: Wireless mic, compatible with Android smartphones, laptops, personal computers etc. The clip mic is suit for Vlog, Interview, Live streaming, YouTube, TikTok, Podcast, Instagram, Online video tutorial, Vlog, online conferencing, podcasting, and Singing recording etc. Microphone for phone video recording(Attention: Does not apply to the new iphone 15!!!)

Rechargeable Transmitter and Receiver: Mini microphone, wireless microphones only compatible with TYPE-C device, mini wireless microphone can work with phones/tablets/cameras that uses a Type-C. The wireless lavalier microphone is built in 65MAH rechargeable batteries up to 4 hours. The reciever is powered by your device(Can Be Charged At The Same Time)

Wireless Mic: The wireless microphone is much easier to set. Phone microphone, no adapter, bluetooth or application needed. Small lapel microphone, recording microphone just plug the receiver into your devices, then turn on the portable mic, these two parts will pair automatically. (Note: Clip on mic, if the match is not successful, don't worry, just shut down the device and try again,(Attention: Does not apply to the new iphone 15!!!)

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